woensdag 12 maart 2014

Second Place TED Worlwide Award!!!

I am so very glad to tell you al that Blue Vintage has won the second place in the category Mixed Materials from the TED Worlwide Award. It was a really exciting weekend, i have seen so much, talked to so many nice people and then alson won second place. The ideas for the next contest ar already in my head...........


I want you to meet Lotte.

Lotte was a special order that i made voor Cynthia from Massagepraktijk Morijn.
She loves little bunnys and the colour pink, so i had to make a bunny in pink with little quilt feet, ears and hands with colours that matches the colour of the Massagepractice.

She is 15 centimeter tall, 5 way jointed and filled with shyntetic fabric and little steel pellets for a little bit of weight.

Lotte is handmade and a one of a kind Mirabunny