woensdag 22 januari 2014

Anna, a lady from the middle ages

I want you too meet Anna. I have made Anna specially for the Ted Award competition in Wiesbaden , but sadly we did not got a nomination. So now i have send her also too the Golden George competition from the Teddybaer Total fair in M√ľnster, this competition is really difficult because the standard is really high. So i will keep my fingers crossed. I think it is now time to introduce Anna too you. She is made of a light brown mohair, her underskirt and dress are completely made by hand in the style of the middle ages. It was my dream to make this bear, and during the procces she became more beautiful then i had in my head. Hope you will like her.

vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Jeans Bear USA part 2

The second limit bear i made for the USA is Emma,

I have made Emma from an old jeansskirt.
Emma has the same quilt fabric as my nominated bear Blue Vintage, in her hair she has light pink roses.

Emma was really great too make, hope you can see that and you like her!!

Jeans bears USA part 1

I have made two limited jeansbears for the USA. The first bear is a boy, named Tom. Tom is made of an old jeans in combination with a light yellow quilt fabric with post design on it. On his neck he has a handkerchief from the same fabric with on the end a tag with.....made with love.... He has a hand stitched black nose and black german glass eyes. Tom is five way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pallets. I really like to make bears from fabric that is different, not common. With jeans it is really a sport to cut the pattern out of the jeans so that you ar getting a very special oncommon bear. Each jeans bear is different because there are all sort of jeans, and in what for state the jeans is, is also a great part of how beautifull the bear will be. Hope you like my jeans bears, hope you like Tom!!