woensdag 25 november 2015

Little Beau

Little Beau is 12 centimeter tall.

He is made of a dark yellow mohair that has a little bit of an old look, his paw pads are made from a beautiful light blue quilt fabric that matches the mohair perfect.

Little Beau has black german glass eyes and a little black handstitched nose.
On his head he has a little sleepy cap made from the same quilt fabric as his paw pads, on his neck he has a ribbon with a little star tag.

Little Beau is 5-way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pellets for having a little bit of weight.

Little Beau is a o.o.a.k Mirabeer and handmade and made in a smoke free home, he comes with a certificate of originality

This little guy is looking for a new, loving home........interested......you can use the orderbutton or you can send me a e-mail : miraberen@gmail.com

Adoptionfee 46 Euro ( excl. shippingcosts)

Adoption + shipping

vrijdag 6 november 2015

Elin - the Teddybear & Friends calendar girl 2016 *Adopted*

Elin is a special design, i have made her for the 2016 calendar from Teddybears & Friends, she is Miss August!!

Elin is in sitting position 30 centimeter tall and from the tip of her nose till her tail 45 centimeter.

She is made from a very soft faux fur in a beautiful dark pink.
Her paw pads are made from quilt fabric with violin design in the colours pink,purple and white, her nails are black and made from apoxy clay.

Elin has black german glass eyes and leather eyelids.
She has a black nose made out of apoxy clay and a open mouth with little teeth and tongue.
In her hair she has matching flowers in the colours pink and purple.

Elin is four way jointed, from her head till her tail and in her legs she's got lockline so that she has the posibility to be put in all sort of directions.
She is filled with synthetic fabric and plastic pellets.

Elin is a o.o.a.k Mirabeer and handmade, she comes with a certificate.

Elin has a beautiful personality and has a lot of love to give and looking for a new home where she will be spoiled with a lot of hugs and love.

The colour of her faux fur is on the pictures lighter then it in real is.

** Elin is adopted, thank you **