zaterdag 23 mei 2015

Adopting a Mirabeer

If you are interested in adopting one of  my Miraberen then  you always can send me a e-mail or a personal message on my facebook page.

But they are also available on the following sites:
On this site you can find the adoptingfee and shippingcosts in USD
The adoptingfee and the shippingcosts are in Euros on Bearpile.

I also have a Etsy shop where you can find some of my bears, here also the adoptingcosts and shippingcosts are in USD

On these sites you can find a large number of my bears with a lot of pictures of them ,so stop by  and mayby you will find a Mirabeer on your own that makes you smile.......

maandag 18 mei 2015

Blue Ivy -available-

Blue Ivy is a naturebear in Miraberen style.

From head till tail, Blue Ivy is about 30 centimeter tal.
Blue Ivy is made of a very soft, light blue faux fur, her paw pads are made of a grey quilt fabric with ball design.
Her paws have black nails made out of apoxi sculpt.

Blue Ivy has big black german glass eyes and a open mouth with little teeth and tongue.
In her hair she has a bow, made from the same quilt as her paw pads, the bow is removable so you can place it also somewhere else.

From head till her tail she has a skelet so you can move her tail and head up and down, and to the left and right.
She als has a skelet in her legs so that you can bend her legs a little.
Blue Ivy is four way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric and plastic pellets, not to much so that she wil remain her flexibilty.

Blue ivy has a very sweet and soft personality and i hope you like her and she can make you smile.

Adoption fee 145 Euro (excl shippingcosts)

If you have interest in adopting Blue Ivy, you can send me a e-mail,

donderdag 14 mei 2015

Ava - available -

Ava is made from the same design as Rosemarie ,my price winning old fashion bear.

Ava is 30  centimeter tall and made from a yellow faux fur with short hears, her hands and feet are made of a quilt fabric with violet design in the colours yellow, orange, red

Ava has black german glass eyes and a brown nose made from fimo.
In her hair she has yellow and red blossoms that matches the fabric and quiltfabric perfect.

Ava is five way jointed and and filled withsynthetic fabric and a little bit steel pellets in her tummy so that she is having a little bit of weight.

She is handmade and a one of a kind Mirabeer.

I hope you like Ava and that she makes you smile and that you can give her a new, loving new home that she deserves

Noor -adopted-

Meet my little Noor, my little naturebear.

Noor is about 30 centimeter tall and  made of a dark grey faux fur, her paws are made of a dark brown leather and they have  black nails made out of fimo.
Noor has big black german glass eyes and a black nose made out of fimo.
She also has an open mouth with little teeth and tongue.

Noor is a Naturebear so she has a skelet from her head till her tail so that she can move her tail up and down

and her head from left till right, and up and down.
In her legs she has wire so that she also can bend her legs in all sort of positions.

Noor is four way jointed and filled with plastic pellets and synthetic fabric, not to much so that she will be moveable.

Noor is a one of a kind Mirabeer and handmade.

Noor has a very sweet personality ,and  she has moved to her new and loving home in de USA

zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Amaranthe is adopted !!

Little Amaranthe has left us because she is adopted and on her way to her new home in Groningen, the Netherlands.
I am sure that she will be loved and cherised in her new home.

woensdag 6 mei 2015

a blue bear in proces

At this moment I am working on a very blue naturebear.

So far I am happy with the result, hope she/he Wil be finished soon so that I can show him/her to you.......

Hop you like it this far

maandag 4 mei 2015

Available bears by Miraberen

These bears are stil looking for new homes where they be loved and cherished.
Mayby one of these wil steel your hart......or let you smile.

If you are interested in adopting a Mirabeer you can contact me,






zaterdag 2 mei 2015

My little shop on Etsy

At the moment i am working hard to update my Etsy shop with a couple of my lovely bears.

Today i have added Milley and Pinokkio goes Classic at my come along and have a look at these lovely Miraberen.

Mayby one can make you smile........

You also can find my bears on Bear pile and Artist Bears International