zaterdag 30 april 2016

Tobias, the little Meerkat **Adopted**

Meet Tobias the little Meerkat,

Tobias is about 32 centimeter tall in standing position.
He is made from a light brown mohair that is shade with different colours of brown.

Tobias has black german glass eyes with eyelids made from leather band, the eyes are shade so that he has the typical Meerkat eyes
His nose is made from black fimo clay and has wiskers

His nails are also made from black fimo clay, underneath his back feet he has little innersoles made from black fimo clay.

Tobias is four way jointed, in his upperarms he has wire so that he can bend his arms, in the legs and tail, he has a skelet so that he can be very flexibel and can be put in all sort of position.

He is filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pellets.

Tobias is a one of a Mirabeer Meerkat, handmade and he comes with a certificate.

Tobias is a very curious little guy and is looking for a home where he can discover a lot of new things.

Tobias is adopted, Thank you Francoise!!

donderdag 28 april 2016

Spring Star Teddy Bear Show May 13-16-2016

From 13 till 16 May i will participate for the first time at the Spring Star Teddy Bear Show from Bright Star Promotions.

For this event i have designed some special naturebears, classic and miniature designs that are never seen before.

Naturebear Scarlett , that is my leadbear on the frontpage from the Spring Star Show, that is now available is just a little peek for what is coming !

So stop by on 13 till 16 May and have a little peek in my world......the little world called Miraberen

woensdag 27 april 2016

Elsa ** Available**

Elsa is a little bear of 12 centimeter tall.

She is made from Long pile fabric in the colours pink and beige.
Her paws are made from a quilt fabric with a pink rose design.

Elsa has black german glass eyes with black and white details, and a little black nose made from apoxy clay.

In her hair she has a light pink rose and on her neck a little butterfly tag.

Elsa is five way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pellets so that she is having a little bit of weight.

She is handmade with a lot of love and a one of a kind Mirabeer , she comes with a certificate and a little attention

Elsa is looking for a new home where she gets a lot of love, if you want to give her that home, you can send me a e-mail,

Adoption fee 55 Euro ( excl shipping)

maandag 25 april 2016

Sunny **Adopted**

Sunny is about 34 centimeter tall in sitting position and made from a faux fur in a really
unuasual colour.
The hairs are olive green but the tips at the end are yellow so that you are getting a beautiful glow.

His paws are made from a olive green suede and needle sculpted for having a natural look, his nails are made from brown apoxy clay

He has big german glass eyes with eyelids made from leather.
His nose is made from brown apoxy clay and he has a open mouth with little teeth and tongue.
On his neck he has a tag in the shape of a hart.

From his head till his tail and in his legs , he has a flexibel spine so that you can put him in al sort of directions.
Sunny is four way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric, not too much so that you keep the flexibility.

Sunny is a ooak Mirabeer and handmade and comes with a certificate.