woensdag 27 november 2013

Miss Puzzles

It was not easy to make a nice picture of her, but i want you to meet Miss Puzzles!!

Miss Puzzles is made of a fabric that normally is used for making bags, curtains etc, it has a puzzle design of all different colours.
Her feet, hands and inner ears are made of a light beige suede.

Miss Puzzles has black german glass eyes and a black stitched nose.
On her neck she has a silver tag with the text Live Your Dream.....

She is five way jointed and is filled with syntethic fabric and little steel pellets for having a little bit of weight.
Miss Puzzles is made by hand and a one of a kind Mirabeer.

If you have interest in Miss Puzzles you can contact me by sending me a e-mail, or you can find her on bear pile.

Hope you like her!!

woensdag 6 november 2013

Prince Kruimel

This is my little prince Kruimel.

He is made of a dark pink Steiff Schulte mohair that has a little bit of an old look, and he is 15 centimeter tall
His nose is hand stitched in brown and he has black german glass eyes.
On his neck he has a big bow and on his head he has a real crown!!

Kruimel is five way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pallets so he is having
a little bit of weight.

Prince Kruimel is a one of a kind Mirabeer and made by hand.

Hope you like this little boy and mayby you have a little throne for him at your home......

maandag 4 november 2013

Blue Vintage Nominated for Ted Worldwide Award

I just got the good, big news.
Blue Vintage is nominated for a Ted Worldwide Award in the category Mixed Materials!!
I am so proud !!
Now i have to wait till March and then during a gala dinner i will hear what place we have won