woensdag 27 november 2013

Miss Puzzles

It was not easy to make a nice picture of her, but i want you to meet Miss Puzzles!!

Miss Puzzles is made of a fabric that normally is used for making bags, curtains etc, it has a puzzle design of all different colours.
Her feet, hands and inner ears are made of a light beige suede.

Miss Puzzles has black german glass eyes and a black stitched nose.
On her neck she has a silver tag with the text Live Your Dream.....

She is five way jointed and is filled with syntethic fabric and little steel pellets for having a little bit of weight.
Miss Puzzles is made by hand and a one of a kind Mirabeer.

If you have interest in Miss Puzzles you can contact me by sending me a e-mail, or you can find her on bear pile.

Hope you like her!!

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