zondag 19 maart 2017

Nico - the white hand Gibbon -

Meet my special design, my lovely White hand Gibbon Nico.
Nico is searching for a new home where he can climb and swing and where he will be loved because he is a adorable monkey

Created from light beige faux fur, white long pile and dark brown suede.
Nico is 76 centimeter tall when he hangs and 26 centimeter in sitting position

Nico has a special designed armature that makes it possible to bend his wrist, elbows,ankles and knees like a real Gibbon.
He has lockline in his spine and head  so that he can be put in all sort of positions.

In his hands,fingers, feet and toes he has steel wire so that he can hold himself and grab things with his hands and feet.
He is four way jointed and filled, not to firm, with synthetic fabric

His face is made from dark brown suede, his eyes are brown glass eyes with suede eyelids.

His hands and feet are made from white long pile and dark brown suede and needle sculpted and shadowed to give it a more realistic look.
His nails are meade from black fimo clay.

The pattern is completely designed by me, Nico is a one of a kind Mirabeer and handmade.

maandag 13 maart 2017

Pjotr -Available-

Hello my name is Pjotr and I am looking for a new home where i will be loved and get a lots of hugs from my new family

I am about 12 centimeter tall in standing position and made from a beige / grey Long Pile fabric.
My paw pads are made from a light grey felt.

I have a little black handstitched nose made from Perle yarn and big black german glass eyes.

I am five way jointed and filled with little steel pellets (so that i have a little bit of weight ) and synthetic fabric.

On my neck i have a pink bow with a application of purple embroidered roses also decorated with little pi beads.
The hat is optional

I am a one of a kind Mirabeer designed by Miranda Rolfes.

It is also possible to adopt Pjotr and Lotte together, they are taking there hat with flowers with them to there new home.
If you are interested to adopt brother and sister please contact me for the price and more information.

Adoption Fee Pjotr 60 Euro (exclusief Shipping)