maandag 25 april 2016

Sunny **Adopted**

Sunny is about 34 centimeter tall in sitting position and made from a faux fur in a really
unuasual colour.
The hairs are olive green but the tips at the end are yellow so that you are getting a beautiful glow.

His paws are made from a olive green suede and needle sculpted for having a natural look, his nails are made from brown apoxy clay

He has big german glass eyes with eyelids made from leather.
His nose is made from brown apoxy clay and he has a open mouth with little teeth and tongue.
On his neck he has a tag in the shape of a hart.

From his head till his tail and in his legs , he has a flexibel spine so that you can put him in al sort of directions.
Sunny is four way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric, not too much so that you keep the flexibility.

Sunny is a ooak Mirabeer and handmade and comes with a certificate.

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