donderdag 14 mei 2015

Noor -adopted-

Meet my little Noor, my little naturebear.

Noor is about 30 centimeter tall and  made of a dark grey faux fur, her paws are made of a dark brown leather and they have  black nails made out of fimo.
Noor has big black german glass eyes and a black nose made out of fimo.
She also has an open mouth with little teeth and tongue.

Noor is a Naturebear so she has a skelet from her head till her tail so that she can move her tail up and down

and her head from left till right, and up and down.
In her legs she has wire so that she also can bend her legs in all sort of positions.

Noor is four way jointed and filled with plastic pellets and synthetic fabric, not to much so that she will be moveable.

Noor is a one of a kind Mirabeer and handmade.

Noor has a very sweet personality ,and  she has moved to her new and loving home in de USA

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