maandag 18 augustus 2014


Bliss is my second Naturebear like bear that i have made.

It was a long journey with Bliss but a really joy full one, i had a great time to create her.

She is made of a very soft mohair in a off white/light yellow colour, her paws are made of a black suede fabric and she has black nails from fimo.

Bliss has black german glass eyes and a little black nose from fimo and an open mouth.

In her hair she has a tiara from light pink roses and little white pearls.

Bliss is four way jointed and has a skelet in her head, body and legs, so she can be put in all sort of different directions.

She is looking for a new loving home, her adoption fee wil be 119 Euro (excl shipping costs)

Hope you like here.

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