vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Join the slogan competition of Miraberen!!

On the 25&26th of October , Miraberen is standing at the Poppen en Beren beurs from Niesje Wolters in Den Bosch / Netherlands.
During this fair we have a slogan competition, with this competition you can win an original Mirabeer.
Everyone can participate (no costs involved) with this competition through my facebookpage, my blog, by e-mail or by using the folder that we have on my stand during the fair.

On the 18th of October i will announce the slogan that you have to finish and you get a sneak preview of the bear that you can win.

On the 24th of October 20:00 Hours i will reveal the bear on my blog and facebookpage and the competition begins and will end on Monday the 27th at 20:00 Hours.
Friday the 31th of October i will announce who the winner is.

So take a chance and join our competition and mayby you will win your own original Mirabeer!!!

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