donderdag 9 april 2015

Swiebertje, the Racoon - Adopted-

Meet my first Racoon......Swiebertje

Swiebertje is about 41 centimeter tall, his body is made from alpaca and synthetic fabric.
His paws are made of a smokey long pile and brown leather, the nails are made of black fimoclay

Swiebertje has a open mouth with a little teeth and a tongue, his nose is made of fimoclay and he has big german glass eyes.

Swiebertje is four way jointed and filled with fiberfill.
He has a skelet from his head till the end of his tail for flexibility, he  is standing by using his tail as a support.
In his arm legs and fingers he has iron wire so that you can place his arms, legs and fingers in all sort of directions

In his paw he has a juicy apple and on his shoulder a bag with a lot of goodies for on his way.

It was long and hard work to create Swiebertje but he have learned me so much.

Hope you like him.

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