vrijdag 5 augustus 2016

Busy time is coming !!

The next 3, 4 months will be very busy for me.

I will participate the Holiday Show from Bears and Buds on the 11th of November, and i will stand on a bear show on the 26th of November in the Porcelijne fles in Delft.

Because the shows are very close to the holiday time , i want to create some very special bears and animals for you to adopt.
I am planning to redesign some of my patterns and  create some new animals.....................and this ,of course, will cost a lot of time.

So i have decided that the next couple of months i will put all of my free time in designing and creating.

This mean that i will not be a lot on social media and that there are probably no new bears available till the begin of November.
I will keep my bearpile account open and if you have any questions about my creations or commision, you always can send me a e-mail

But this is al for a good cause...................................making beautiful bears and animals that you can adopt and give you a smile on your face.

Lots of love xx

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