zondag 27 november 2016

Finnley -the Raccon-

Finnley the racoon that loves adventure is about 35 centimeter when he stands, he can stand with the help of is tail

He is made from, black, brown , light brown alpaca and white synthetic fabric from Steif Schulte.

The paws are made from brown alpaca, and his paw pads from dark brown suede that is needle sculpted and shaded.
His nails are made from black fimo clay.
In his fingers he has steelwire so that they can bend.

Finnley has black german glass eyes and black leather eyelids.
An open mouth with a little pink tongue from felt and a black nose made from fimo clay.
He also has wiskers

On his neck he has a red/white candy tag.

He is four way jointed and has a skelet from his head till his tail and in his arms and legs, this gives him the chance to sit and stand in all sort of directions.
He is filled with synthetic fabric but not to firm so that he keeps his flexibility.

Finnley is looking for a new and loving home where he can eat a lot of hi favourite food and where he gets a lot of cuddles.
He comes with a certificate of originality, he is handmade and one of a kind Mirabeer.

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