vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

Bo -the Flower Girl-

Bo is a realistic bear Design and is 30 centimeter tall in sitting position

She is made from light beige Alpaka, her paw pads are made from dark brown suede and sculpted for a more realist look
Her big eyes are from black german glass eyes and she has a black nose made from apoxy clay.
She has a open mouth with a little pink tongue.

In her hair she has three  two tonned orange gardenia flowers decorated with smal orange ribbon
On her neck she has a glas charm with a butterfly .

Bo has lockline from her head till her tail and in her arms and legs, this gives her the possibilty to be flexibel  so that she can bend her arm and legs and can be put in al sort of positions.
She is four way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric, not too stiff so that she stays flexibel.

Bo is looking for a new home where she can get a lot of cuddles and love.

If you are interested in adopting Bo, please send me a e-mail miraberen@gmail.com

AdoptionFee 175 Euro  (exclusief Shipping costs)

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