vrijdag 29 september 2017

Tabitha, the little meerkat girl

Tabitha is the little sister of my meerkat Tobias.

Tabitha loves beautiful things and she likes to dress up, like most girls

Tabitha is about 32 centimeter tall in standing position.
She is made from a light brown mohair that is shade with different colours of brown to provide the typical meerkat fur

Tabitha has black german glass eyes with eyelids made from leather band, the eyes are shade so that she has the typical Meerkat eyes
Here  nose is made from black fimo clay and she  has wiskers
Here nails are also made from black fimo clay.

Tabitha is four way jointed, in here upperarms she has wire so that she can bend here arms, in the legs and tail, she has a skelet so that she can be very flexibel and can be put in all sort of position.
Tabitha stands with the hep of her tail

She is filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pellets.

Tabitha is a one of a Mirabeer Meerkat, handmade and he comes with a certificate.

If you are interested in adopting Tabitha, please send me a e-mail miraberen@gmail.com

Adoption fee 125 Euro ( excl shipping)

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