zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Yulia *Available*

Meet little Yulia,

Yulia is about 15 centmeter tall and made from a grey mohair with has a dark brown back
Her paws are made from a brown quilt fabric with grey hart design on it, and is a perfect combination with the mohair.

Yulia has black german glass eyes and a little brown nose that is made from fimo clay.
In her hair she has a bow made from the same quilt fabric as her paws.
On her neck she has a tag in hart design that says ......made with love

She is five way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pellets for having a little bit of weight.

Yulia is a one of a kind Mirabeer and handmade and she comes with a certificate of originality.

This little bundle of joy is looking for a new , loving home......

Adoptionfee 52 Euro ( excl shippingcostst)

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