zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Mindy - the little bear/bunny *adopted*

Meet my little Mindy, a little girl that dressed hereself up as a cute little bunny

Mindy is about 13 centimeters tall (17 centimeter incl the ears).
She is made from long Pile fabric in the colours light brown and white for her bunny suit.
For her inner ears i have used white quilt fabric with pink rose design
She has little  paw pads details that are made from pink wool en felted on the back of her little feet

Mindy has black german glass eyes with a white detail under her eyes and sewed in black eyelashes.
Her little back nose is made from apoxy clay and on her neck she has a pink ribbon with a butterfly tag.

Mindy is five way jointed and filled with little steel pellets for having a little bit of weight.

Mindy is a one of a kind Mirabeer, handmade and comes with a certificate of originality.

Mindy is looking for a new loving home.......................interested????
You can send me a e-mail ( , she is also available on bear pile.

* Mindy is adopted, thank you *

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